Our Team

Our team is made up of a varied, interesting mix of personalities. We have great fun working together, all doing what we do best!

We encourage each member of the team to specialise in the field or fields that they’re passionate about. Fortunately, this has resulted in advantageous
dove-tailing on projects and implementations, as each person gets to do their favourite part of the project – most of the time! This has worked well, with the result being that most of the team have at least one or more areas that they are now experts in and have become the “go to” person for advice.

Janine De Billot

Specialist Consultant and Director

Janine is certified in the financial, distribution and manufacturing SYSPRO modules. Prior to embarking on her career as a SYSPRO consultant in 2006, she held various senior management positions in financial, logistics and general management. 

Janine was also a SYSPRO user and system administrator for many years which has stood her in good stead as a consultant as she is able to assess and understand both the business requirements, as well as perspective of users. Her particular manufacturing skillset is in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, steel, plastics and paper industries. She holds a post-graduate diploma in management.  

When she’s not steering the ship, Janine enjoys a good bottle of wine and reading non-fiction books and articles. She is kept busy with family commitments – a husband, two kids, three grandparents, one dog and about 30 birds – or she’s at the gym on the treadmill or doing weight training.

Anton Badenhorst

Support Consultant

Anton started out as a professional accountant in Bloemfontein. He then started doing contract work for Transnet and in 2010, he decided to move to Johannesburg to become a SYSPRO consultant at RPM Resources, which he did for four years. More recently he has worked in manufacturing as a financial manager and a financial accountant, using SYSPRO in both positions. Anton has 11 years of experience with SYSPRO.

When Anton is not working, he enjoys playing tennis, running and a good red wine. He has a passion for opera and a good voice and was once part of an opera choir!

Arne Gulbrandsen

Senior Consultant

Arne has spent the last 15 years as a senior SYSPRO support consultant. Prior to this, he worked as both a cost and management accountant and as a financial accountant for FMCG companies. In addition, Arne also gained valuable experience as the logistics manager at a manufacturing site.

His practical and level-headed approach to MRP and the manufacturing environment allow him to manage complex projects with ease and get buy-in from clients when coping with new implementations. He is also well versed in the financial modules of SYSPRO.

In his spare time Arne loves forest walks. He and his wife are involved with a DivorceCare group at their local church, supporting divorcees. He values his close friends and enjoys spending time with them.

Christelle Swanepoel

Senior Consultant

Christelle specialises in SYSPRO ERP software and has over 30 years’ experience in implementation, support and training. With her extensive knowledge of the software, she has done multiple installations and system upgrades and has several SYSPRO certifications.

Christelle conducts business process reviews, in order to recommend improvements to existing process flow. From the insights gained, she is then able to develop an appropriate plan and manage the implementation thereof.

Her craft workshop is Christelle’s happy place and she has a special project where she creates clothing for families and organisations in need.

Henk Bezuidenhout

Specialist Consultant

Henk is an experienced operations specialist, fulfilling the roles of project manager as well as production and supply chain expert in ERP projects. He is a solution architect with the ability to identify and unlock value, to his clients’ benefit. He has the skills to effectively communicate their requirements in technical terms to the implementation and development teams. Henk is an expert in manufacturing and quality systems, methodologies, philosophies, and the application thereof.

Before specialising in ERP and similar technical system implementations, he worked in manufacturing and supply chain management in the nuclear, electronic, automotive and gaming industries. He holds two master’s degrees, one in industrial engineering and the other in business leadership.

Family man Henk is a health nut who keeps fit by running or heading to the gym. He has a dream of achieving a sustainable and better life for all South Africans and is the creator of Servitium Demanda, a service-on-demand communication app.

Liesel de Klerk

Senior Consultant

With almost 10 years of SYSPRO experience, Liesel has spent the last five as the financial manager of a large manufacturing company. Prior to this, she gained excellent experience across multiple industries, as both a SYSPRO user and a support consultant. Besides Liesel’s advanced financial skills, she has extensive experience with Microsoft SQL and the SYSPRO Crystal reporting solution. She inherently understands the value of information and its role in day-to-day business decisions. 

In her free time, Liesel enjoys outdoor activities, music, and a glass of good red wine. She believes the best things come from living outside of your comfort zone! Liesel is inspired daily by her husband and their son.

Lorinda Whitfield

Administration Manager

Lorinda began working as a temporary employee in a large retail group in 1995 and, by 21, she was one of their youngest store managers. Subsequent to that, she was employed as an area administrator for a clothing chain store and an administrator and PA at a branded goods company, where one of her responsibilities included implementing a new sales system, with an outsourced IT consultant. For the past 10 years, she was a sales-, area- and key accounts manager at a wholesale company.

When Lorinda isn’t working, she’s a busy mother of two daughters. She enjoys getting outdoors and walking, and a glass of good red wine!

Margareta Theron

Senior Consultant

With many years of experience in ERP and IS / IT applications, Margareta has worked on both sides of the table, having been in the ERP space for almost 20 years, first as consultant, then as a trainer and facilitator, and a project manager. She has had various IT and business process management roles in the corporate environment, where she was involved in solutions design, strategy, business process improvements and manufacturing and supply chain projects and was the lead in various LEAN implementations. 

On her return to consulting from this environment, she brought with her an excellent understanding of fully integrated ERP systems and business processes. She has a particular interest in working towards sustainable technology solutions and maximising return on investment; she believes the systems should work for people, not the other way round.

Margareta has an interest in what makes people tick and dabbles in various coaching and mentoring modalities, as well as EFT (tapping). She loves to connect with her two grown sons and her friends over a home-cooked meal. She shares her husband’s interests of marine fishkeeping and bonsai growing. 

Martin Cronje


Martin is tasked with enabling clients to reach optimal capabilities by utilising various elements of systems engineering, be it automation, integration, analysis and / or ergonomic workflow improvements. He has nine years’ experience in SYSPRO, SQL, C language, Java development and systems architecture, and puts this to good use to create well-rounded data structures to address problem-specific, reusable solutions.

By nature, Martin is a curious person with an interest in all data fields – from analytics to learning new coding syntax and languages – and gains fulfilment from passing these learnings on to others. His hobbies include gaming, cooking, bonsais, woodwork, anything technology, building computers and circuit boards. He also writes programs in his free time.


Peter van Staden

Technical Consultant

Peter believes that nothing works optimally unless your IT does. Evolving with the ever-changing tech landscape, he is an RPM-managed service provider, offering hardware, software, cloud-based solutions and on-site servers. 

Peter has been in consulting since 2005, starting as an IT administrator for SYSPRO. He is a specialist in Microsoft-based systems and Office 365 implementations. He likes analysing a work environment, implementing specialised software and ensuring successful integration.

Peter likes reading and keep fit with CrossFit training. His beloved dogs also take up much of his spare time.

Richard O’Callaghan

Specialist Consultant

Richard came to South Africa in 1973 as a newly qualified chartered accountant (UK), with the intention of moving on after two years … and he is still here. For the first 22 years he held financial management positions in listed company subsidiaries, earning an MBA at Wits Business School along the way. 

During the latter years of his corporate career, he focused on the implementation of ERP solutions at various companies, providing him with the necessary skills and experience that he now offers as a consultant. Richard then established his own tax practice, dealing with trusts, private clients and executorships, in addition to ERP consulting.

A family man, Richard enjoys spending time with his grandkids. He also loves hiking and going on adventurous holidays.

Shannon Teixeira

Specialist Consultant

Shannon is an excellent team player with 20 years’ experience in the design, implementation, trouble-shooting and support of SYSPRO ERP systems. She has an intuitive, distinctive approach to problem-solving and this, combined with excellent communication skills, ensures the successful transfer of skills to clients. 

Shannon is an accomplished individual who brings a great deal of positive energy to projects. She pays great attention to detail and is very organised and goal focused. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, a certificate in Business Analysis and a City & Guilds diploma in Garden Design. She is also certified in the SYSPRO finance and distribution modules. 

Shannon spends her spare time raising her young, energetic son. She enjoys reading, home and garden design, and has a specific interest in indigenous flora and organic gardening.

Tyrone Jagger

Technical Specialist

Tyrone has extensive experiences in SQL server, SYSPRO, Microsoft Suite and Crystal Reports. He has seven years’ experience as SYSPRO consultant, in a variety of industries, offering software support, project-specific work, implementations, system audits and upgrades. Tyrone believes that developing strong relationships with clients is critical. He considers himself to be a very adaptive person and is always keen to learn and refine his skills.

Whilst working as a SYSPRO consultant, he also completed the following courses: colour accounting, principles of production and inventory management, Microsoft certification in systems architecture, advanced certificate in management practise and business reading and writing (Henley Business School).

In his spare time Tyrone enjoys training at the gym and is a dedicated body builder.  

Wynand Swanepoel

Junior Consultant

Wynand has two years’ experience as a SYSPRO trainee consultant and has his certification in manufacturing, distribution, finance, pre-sales and sales. He has also been involved in SYSPRO implementations. 

While still building up skills and experience, he hold customer satisfaction in high regard and sees great value in being mentored by those with a depth of experience.

Wynand is passionate about fitness and plays 7s rugby and works out at the gym. He also loves watching sport.

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