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Redefine and refine how your business works – optimize your supply chain, increase your productivity and efficiencies, deliver better customer service and reduce your running costs.

RPM Resources, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is an established business solutions provider in the 
SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market, with a focus on small-to-medium companies.
We are a SYSPRO-registered Elite sales and implementation partner.

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Using SYSPRO’s proprietary IDEAL methodology – initiate, design, engineer, actualize and leverage – we are able to provide our clients with an ERP system that really fits with their business, allowing for smooth business processes and optimal performance.

Day-to-day support

RPM Resources delivers excellent, timeous SYSPRO support. On the ERP suite of manufacturing, distribution and financial modules running on the MS SQL database, we offer support on the following…

Book a system audit

If you suspect that your SYSPRO system is not running optimally, take a look at our audit checklist that would be used to drive system improvements and changes within your business. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive check of your system and provide a detailed feedback report of the findings.

MRP Accelerate Programme

Due to our extensive in-house manufacturing experience and success in assisting our clients, we have condensed our MRP system skills into a program that will soon get your business back on track.

Custom development

At RPM Resources we are proud to offer a bespoke custom development service, with our focus mostly on the SYSPRO customer arena and its related processes. We adhere to the SYSPRO recommended practices.


RPM Resources has partnered with Flowgear to deliver a robust, scalable solution for all our clients’ integration and automation requirements. Boost productivity and profitability.

Why choose SYSPRO?

The SYSPRO system is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which has been designed to streamline, simplify and optimize the supply chain ecosystem. This single-source software offers dynamic solutions across the manufacturing and distribution sectors.